How to Set Up and Manage Your Author Blog Site... AND Drive Profit-Boosting Traffic!


From: Kristen Joy

Re: How you can save thousands of dollars on expensive website design and programming fees by setting up and managing your own blog... AND make money blogging for others!
Hey Awesome Author!

 • Do you know you should have a blog, but the tech is too daunting?
 • Want to drive traffic to your book, in a way you 100% control yourself?
 • Would you love to write... make money AND promote your book, all at the same time?  

I'm sure you've heard that writers should hire a professional web developer to set up their blog sites... but most authors don't want to spring for the hundreds... if not thousands of dollars it costs to work with a pro.

It might surprise you to learn that I designed my first website using straight-up HTML in 1998. Then I went on to create websites for businesses, authors, and artists, and grew my business to the point I was managing three website developers!

Fast-forward to the world of modern technology, and not only have I created and managed old-school Flash animated sites and HTML sites... I've also set up dozens of Wordpress sites, have my own blog, and have coached hundreds of authors how to increase book profits with their blogs.
Now I want to teach YOU all my blogging secrets!
This 4-session LIVE training will show you step-by-step exactly what you need to do to set up, manage, AND drive traffic to your own blog site... as well as increase your profits by blogging for others!
"Blogging for Authors"
In This Detailed Training You'll Discover...
Session 1: Blogging Foundations
From how to reach your target audience to what makes a blog site stand out to writing vs. vlogging to what exactly to blog about... You'll be armed with every piece of information you need to get your own blog off to a great start (or improve your current site)!
  •  How to target the perfect audience through your blog.
  •  Key features to make your blog site stand out.
  •  Blog or Vlog? Does it even matter?
  •  How to never lack for post ideas.
  •  And more!
Session 2: Guest vs. Freelance Blogging
Did you know you can get massive exposure for your book by being featured as a guest on someone else's blog? Or that you could even get PAID to write simple blog posts for others? We're deep-diving into all your profit-producing options to turn what you're already doing (writing) into MORE cash!
  •  How to turn your love of writing into a cash-cow profit machine.
  •  Blog monetization methods.
  •  Guest blogging vs. Freelance blogging
  •  How to get paid to write for others' blogs.
  •  And much more!
Session 3: Technicalities
From what theme to choose to the essential plugins to keep your blog secure and safe, to the best, most reliable hosting, this session covers all the technicalities you need to know to keep your blog updated and smoothly running.
  •  The best WordPress themes... and why.
  •  Top must-have plugins for ease-of-use and security.
  •  How to customize your blog's theme (DEMO).
  •  Adding pages, posts, the best structure for your niche... (DEMO)
  •  And more!
Session 4: Get Traffic!
Having a blog site is great, yes, but how do you get READERS on your site? This session explores multiple ways to get more traffic and more eyeballs on your site... and more money in your pocket!
  •  How to get traffic to your blog. (Genre-specific break down!)
  •  What exactly consumers are looking for... and how to target your site to meet their deepest wants.
  •  The 2 types of traffic... and how to shift them to you.
  •  The one type of traffic to avoid at all costs.
  •  And more!
Stop Paying Expensive Developers & Programmers!
While most of the sites I designed I charged around $1500 to do, the most I ever charged for a website was $14,000. That's right... 14 THOUSAND. That's a LOT of green!

Technology has made it so YOU don't have to pay expensive web programmers anymore. Now you have the power to take control of your blog site, from start to finish, create a beautiful, easy-to-navigate website, and drive thousands of eyeballs of potential book buyers directly to YOU and your books!

In my NEW "Blogging for Authors" training, you’ll learn how to stop throwing time and money away trying to work with professional web developers and update your blog site whenever you want.

No more waiting.

No more expensive developer fees.

No more paying for something that's "not quite" what you want... or being nickel & dimed to make simple changes.
Put YOUR Blog Site in Your OWN Hands... for ONLY $97!
Course Schedule:
Sessions 1 and 2 will be taught LIVE on Wednesday, August 30, 2017 starting at 2pm Eastern.

Sessions 3 and 4 will be taught LIVE on Thursday, August 31, 2017 starting at 2pm Eastern.
Refund Policy: No refunds are available for this package.
As always - all your training replays are available to you in your members area.
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