How to Create Your OWN Marketing Materials and Save Thousands of Dollars on "Professional" Designers!


From: Kristen Joy

Re: How you can save thousands of dollars on expensive design fees by making your own bookmarks, business cards, flyers, posters, postcards and more!
Hey Awesome Author!

 • Do you wish you had professional looking business cards?
 • Want that perfect attention-grabbing flyer to promote your book?
 • Need posters that don't look homemade for a prominent book signing?  

I'm sure you've heard that writers should hire professional designers to create their marketing materials... but most authors don't want to spring for the hundreds... if not thousands of dollars it costs to work with a pro.

It might surprise you to learn that I've been a professional graphic designer since 1996. That means I was getting paid to design promotional materials for others, including authors, speakers, local business owners, churches, web programmers and so many more.
I've created thousands of professional designs for others... and now I want to teach YOU my designer secrets!
This 4-session LIVE training will show you step-by-step exactly what you need to do to create professional materials to market your book--online AND offline!
"How to Design and Print Your Own Marketing Materials" Hands-On Training
In This Hands-On Training You'll Discover...
How to Make Designs Stand Out
What the pros know and you do not is the tricks it takes to make a design stand out from the pack, and how to accomplish this task both online and offline in your marketing materials.
How to DESIGN... Step-by-Step
This training is DEMO-heavy. That means most of what you'll learn is follow-along-step-by-step design techniques and how to fit what you design into your marketing strategy. From what colors to choose to how exactly to lay it out into a postcard, bookmark, business card, flyer, social media graphic or other format, these step-by-step demos will cover it all!
How to Brand Your Marketing
Step-by-step how to easily make all your marketing materials obviously related to your brand and your book, so you won't confuse potential buyers and they'll be more likely to hand you the cash.
Where to Find Images Specifically for Marketing
The right image can make or break a design. Discover how to create designs solely based off your book cover and also where to find images to enhance your designs... easily and legally.
How to Use Multiple Design Programs
This hands-on step-by-step training is FULL of software demos. From Canva to PowerPoint and Photoshop to a BRAND NEW KICK-AWESOME web-based design program, everything is covered!
I am a pro... and five years ago this is what I charged!
*This is the ACTUAL price sheet that appeared in my brochures and on my website for my graphic design business from 2004-2011!
Just IMAGINE if I raised my rates over the past five years (which I did two to three times per year), how much you'd have to pay me to design ONE of each essential marketing piece: a business card, a flyer and a bookmark... (This is design only, NO printing!)
You'd have paid me $665 to DESIGN those 3 things...
...and that was five years ago! I'd charge at least twice that amount today for these designs... and you'd still have to pay for the printing on top of those design fees.

What if one and a half days could radically change the power of your marketing... and alleviate the pressure on your wallet? I mean, completely transform it into the totally what-you’ve-always-wanted-your-book-marketing-to-look-like that you’ve yearned for...

In my NEW "Design & Print Your Own Marketing Materials" training, you’ll learn how to stop throwing time and money away trying to work with professional designers and get the designs you want when you want them.

No more waiting.

No more expensive designer fees.

No more paying for something that's "not quite" what you want.
Put YOUR Marketing in Your OWN Hands... for ONLY $197!

One-Hour Adobe InDesign Training

This training shows you how to easily create posters, bookmarks and business cards in Adobe InDesign. From selecting a printer to finding their specs and interpreting it into a document, this training has it all! ($395 value)
Bonus #2: LIVE Q&A CALL
This bonus session is so you can pick my brain after playing with designs and software, and we can visit any other questions you have such as how to use these marketing materials in your marketing plan, more design "tricks," and anything else you can think to ask me! ($249 value)
If You Bought Everything Separately,
this is a Huge $1,141 Total Value
If You Hired a Pro to Do What this Course Will Teach You to Do For Yourself, this is an Additional Massive $1,580 Value
That's a Total Value of Over $2,270!
Invest ONLY $197 (Without the Bonuses)
Yours with the Bonuses for $70 MORE OFF with Promo Code: design
Refund Policy: No refunds are available for this package.
As always - all your training replays are available to you in your members area.
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