Madeleine L'Engle,
A Wrinkle in Time
"You have to write the book that wants to be written. And if the book will be too difficult for grown-ups, then you write it for children."
- Madeleine L'Engle, A Wrinkle in Time
Are You Finally Ready to Write YOUR Perfect Kids' Book?
Dear Awesome Author,

Have you ever picked up a kids' book and said, "I could totally do this!"? Or have you always wanted to write a kids' picture book, or a chapter book and something has been holding you back?

Maybe you're stuck on what age to write for...

Or if your idea is even good. Or how to get good ideas in the first place.

Or maybe you're stuck on something technical, like the cover or illustrations...

And don't even get started on marketing this thing! I mean, where do you start with that?!

I've been there myself. I've watched dozens of my clients go through the children's book writing process. I've helped my clients get their kids' books into mainstream bookstores. I've had a team of professional illustrators and designers on call... and I'm married to THE master of Do-It-Yourself Kids' Book Illustration.

So to say I know a little thing or two about the kids' book market is a bit of an understatement.
That's why I decided it's time I share this knowledge with YOU!
See, most kids' book trainers teach how to use shortcuts in writing, how to get illustrations done on Fiverr and how to get your book in Kindle format.

But NONE of them has REAL kids' book publishing business experience and the link to professional illustrators like I do.
Most of my coaching clients that want to do kids' books are torn on going to Fiverr for illustrations. They'd rather work with a professional illustrator, but they don't know how. And many of them get stuck on the writing process itself, not to mention marketing.
It's time for you to get UN-stuck from the "What do I do now?" syndrome and take control of your ideas, your kids' books, and your future in the very lucrative children's publishing market!
In this BRAND NEW Training, You Will Discover...
  • What the best-selling writing style for kids' books is (and how to apply it to your own ideas).
  • How to write for toddlers, grade school and high school age groups... even if it's the same exact book.
  • Writing secrets the pro kids' book authors use.
  • How to work with a professional illustrator (and where to find them).
  • The best methods to create your own illustrations... and they're not what you might think! ;-)
  • Which printer is best specifically for the unique needs of kids' books... and when you should use them.
  • Galley copies, review copies, and how to keep the expense down on full-color printing.
  • The best POD printer and exact steps to get your kids' book published.
  • How to use Kindle Kids Book Creator to format your book for Kindle... and other (even better) digital publishing options.
  • How to get your kids' book in bookstores... (Hint: I OWN a book store so I know the exact approach you should take!)
  • How to use social media in a unique way to bring your characters to life, build a following and create a culture of rabid fans.
  • The ultimate, most powerful marketing strategy to keep your kids book sales going way beyond your initial launch.
  • And so much MORE!
You could keep shooting in the dark, making no headway with your kids' book ideas...

OR you can skip to the front of the class and get all the best strategies I've learned from running multiple publishing companies, coaching thousands of authors, and working one-on-one with professional illustrators.

And I understand limited budgets, so for a VERY limited time, this course will be available for only $97. And I'm holding NOTHING back.
This is your chance to learn from someone who's been there and done that, how to get your kids' book written, published, and SELLING!
Here's What You're About to Get...
Session 1
You learn how to write for the exact target age group you want to reach... without overcomplicating and boring your young readers.
Session 2
From publishing advice from a pro to which printer to use, and how to illustrate your books to work with a pro illustrator, this session covers everything you need to know to go from written to published!
Session 3
Wonder if all the work to write and publish a kids' book is worth it? This session will show you step-by-step how to make it worth it... and how to get it into as many little hands as possible!

AND... These BONUSES Just Added!
Complete Kindle Kids' Book Creator Training
My awesome husband Tony Laidig has agreed to let you have access to his complete, highly detailed, step-by-step 85-minute Kindle Kids' Book Creator training... As part of this course! This training will take you through ALL the aspects of the software, and how to use it to create beautiful Kids' Kindle books!
My PERSONAL Illustrator Contract
Whether you're ready to hire a professional illustrator or you're enjoying illustrating yourself so much you'd like to make money doing it for other authors, this fully editable MS Word document contract that made my company tens of thousands of dollars when I managed illustrators is YOURS to use however you wish!
ONLY $97
If you are a member of My Book Mastermind, this course is already in your Members Area. If you purchase this course and you're a current member of MBM, NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN.
As Always
All of your training replays are ALWAYS available to you in your members area.
Allow about 30 minutes to receive your Welcome email and login information.
Refund Policy: Due to the astronomical value and the included materials which match 
exactly the offer described on this page, no refunds are available for this training program.
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