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Product #1: “Easy Product Expert”
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Product #2: “Easy Book Content”
Originally $197...Now JUST $197 $47!
About the Courses...
Easy Product Expert
In this comprehensive training series, you will discover how to create successful information products, books and more from an expert who has created HUNDREDS of successful information products, books and more. You will gain a laser sharp understanding of the exact processes necessary for creating the success you desire. And the best part? You will find out how to do it all using free content and some pretty unconventional product creation and marketing methods. As a matter of fact, you will see product creation in ways you’ve never considered before.

It’s time you discover how the pro’s crank out valuable content in record time that people can’t wait to buy from you. Over the course of this power-packed. content-rich 6-part Training Series, you can expect to discover how:
  •  Module One: Finding the BEST Content.
  •  Module Two: Finding the Opportunities.
  •  Module Three: Zero Content and Low Content Books.
  •  Module Four: Image Product Strategies You’ll Love!
  •  Module Five: Fast Products That People Actually Want.
  •  Module Six: FREE Marketing Strategies That Work!
  •  BONUS: Full Transcripts of ALL 6 Modules
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Originally $197...Now JUST $197 $47!
Also Retiring...
Easy Book Content
You’ve likely discovered that the downside of living in the information age is that, to keep up…You NEED more and MORE information! Content!

There are times where I think, “If Content is KING, I must be the Pauper! Geez! If you are like me, you are likely suffering from CDD: Content Deficit Disorder. We’re told (and it’s true) that the secret to succeeding on Amazon is in “Quantity with Quality!” But that said, just how prolific are YOU? Do you even LIKE to write? You’ve probably wondered, like I have, “What’s the secret?” How in the world do some of these authors crank out SO many books?

That’s the question I ANSWER in my brand-new training, “Easy Book Content.” In this content-rich, 6-Module webinar series, you will discover the BEST ways to create and work with content to produce quality books that sell. Over the course of the in-depth, comprehensive training, you will discover:
  •  Module One: Introduction and Foundation.
  •  Module Two: Public Domain Content.
  •  Module Three: Other People's Content.
  •  Module Four: Writing YOUR Content.
  •  Module Five: Image Content.
  •  Module Six: Publishing YOUR Content.
  •  BONUS #1: PDF’s of Slides for All Modules
  •  BONUS #2: Full Transcripts of ALL 6 Modules
Gain Instant Access to This Comprehensive Training!
Originally $147...Now JUST $147 $47!
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