“Get a Massive Dose of Marketing Support for Your Business... in Only an Hour!”
It's the Best of the Best 60 Ways to Make More Money and Impact More People!
From the Virtual Desk of Kristen Joy Laidig

RE: Do you want the BEST ways to market your business... and maximize your income?

Are you sick of wasting time trying to come up with new ways to make more people aware of what you offer?

Maybe you create information products and you want to drive more traffic to your sales pages. Maybe you create your own products and wish you could just sell more. Maybe you've started to dabble in POD (print on demand) products like mugs and t-shirts and want to grow that enterprise to a full-time income.

Whatever business you run, there's one thing you NEED in order to STAY in business...

MORE people to buy MORE of your products or services!

And to get that, all you need to do is...

Let them know it's ready for their wallets... and convince them to exchange their money for your offer!

Sounds easy, right?!? (OK maybe that sounds impossible to you...)

...But what if you had DOZENS of powerful PROVEN ideas to go to at any time, right when you need them most?

I mean, you can NEVER have enough marketing support... or ideas... to inspire fresh and new marketing strategies.

And I've been actively marketing MULTIPLE businesses to over half-a-million dinero per year... for the past 14 YEARS. That's how I know why marketing is soooooo important.

It's the key to getting MORE awareness, MORE customers and ultimately MORE income.
Here's the Truth...
Yes, you need an overall marketing strategy. (You know I preach this!) But without proven ideas to plug into it, you won't have anything to create and implement that strategy!

That's where 60 Ways to Market Your Business in 60 Minutes fits in...

This quick one-session training will give you a MASSIVE dose of marketing and promotional ideas, inspiration and motivation so you'll have plenty you can plug into your marketing strategy.

I guarantee that you will leave blown away at your own potential... and ideas that never before occurred to you...

You WILL receive 60 ways to market your business... in only 60 minutes. It will be a firehose. (Don't worry, you'll get a copy of the slides AND the recordings so you can go back as often as you want for clarification and a refresher!)

And I GUARANTEE you'll hear at least ONE idea you've not seriously considered before... that has the power to change EVERYTHING for your business.
Just imagine what will happen when you implement just ONE of these 60 ways to market your business...
Will you finally sell that product that just won't sell no matter what you do?

Will you land a new high profile client who will shout about your services from the rooftops?

Will you grow your fan base to the level of a "guru" you may envy?
What Kind of IMPACT Would Just ONE Idea Have On Your Income?
Grab Your Spot NOW and Get SIXTY (60!) of These Ideas!
AND... SAVE a Massive Amount If You Take Action NOW!
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Frequently Asked Questions
How will I get access?
After you grab your spot a "Welcome" email will come out to you (in about 20 minutes) detailing your access information for the Members.TheCasualEntrepreneurs.com site where all the details you need to access the training is waiting for you. It's INSTANT access! 
What if I have problems getting my order through?
Our super star Casual Customer Care Team is on call to assist you with any aspect of your order. Please email support@thecasualentrepreneurs.com to get in touch with our support!
What about after I go through the mini course... can I still ask questions?
Absolutely! This course will entitle you to an exclusive, completely complementary invite to The Casual Entrepreneur Students private Facebook group where your fellow students AND Kristen herself will be available to answer any questions that come up after and while you go through this training.
Is this course included in The Book Ninja Academy membership?
No. This training is under The Casual Entrepreneur brand which is not part of The Book Ninja Academy program.
Refund Policy: Due to the Instant and LIFETIME Access you receive to this high value training there are no refunds on this product.
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