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“Discover 42 Simple Strategies You Can
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Your Own GREAT Photographs!”
All of us take photos…most likely EVERY day. But if you are like MOST people, you are likely NOT making money from your photos…AT ALL. Perhaps it never even occurred to you that you COULD make CASH from something you already do on a regular basis.

Well, the truth is that you CAN generate cash using your digital camera, and in “Camera Cash Strategies,” I show you 42 different photography strategies you can use to do just that. I present each of the 42 strategies as a sort of “Photography Business-in-a-Box” with all the basics you need to get started. And, as a matter of fact, I feel quite confident that one or more of the 42 photography methods I share in this powerful training series will resonate with you!

Presented in 9 how-to training modules, each strategy is presented using a specific 5-step training system:
The G.R.E.A.T. training method…
– Getting Started
– Revenue
– Examples
– Actions
– Takeaways
The great news is that you can get started RIGHT NOW! All 9 modules (and the PDF’s for all 42 strategies) are waiting for you in the members area! It’s time to begin discovering ways that you can use YOUR digital camera to begin generating CASH, and “Camera Cash Strategies” will put you on that path!

“A few years ago, I was homeless and starting out from scratch all over again. Today I live in a wonderful 2 bedroom home on a farm with one bedroom as my office. I am doing what I have always dreamed of doing and I am financially secure without money worries. This would not be possible if it were not for people like Tony Laidig who taught me how to produce illustrations worthy. My first attempt at making money from my camera came after taking Tony’s “Camera Cash Strategies” and it has paid off every week since.”

Steve Watson

“Looking for a photographer who can capture the essence of who you are? Tony Laidig is the man! I had a shoot with Tony because I wanted to portray a side of me that was hidden.

Not only did Tony create images that are beyond compare, he made the experience incredibly fun. The feedback I have received since posting images are things like, “Amazing! Beatiful! Looking great! Best I’ve seen you.” I have received hundreds of compliments on the quality of work Tony delivered.
If you want the best, Tony is the man.”

Kathleen Gage,

“The ONLY profile photos I’ve ever used were taken by Tony Laidig! His gift for getting that all-important, natural and welcoming photo I use all across the web for online visibility and credibility is second to none! When I wrote my first best-seller, Tony’s photo of me was perfect for the back cover. He is a genius behind the lens!”

Martha Giffen,
The regular cost for this comprehensive training is $197 and well worth the investment. I mean. think about it…you’re receiving 42 different strategies from a seasoned professional photographer on how to generate cash with your digital camera! That’s less than $5 per “business-in-a-box” strategy! HOWEVER, even though “Camera Cash Strategies” has helped many people build their own photo-based business, it is time to RETIRE this training! 
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