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7 Of My Most Useful Social Media Checklists
  • Checklist #1: The "Build Massive Buzz" Facebook Contest Checklist
  •  Checklist #2: The "Create A Loyal Following" Facebook Live Broadcast Checklist
  •  Checklist #3: The "Let Your Followers Choose Do the Work for You" Poll Checklist
  •  Checklist #4: The "Share Your Stuff" Launch Party Checklist
  •  Checklist #5: The "This-is-Gonna-Go-Viral" Pinterest Checklist
  •  Checklist #6: The "Attract Thousands of New Leads" Facebook Ads Checklist
  •  Checklist #7: The "Keep Up With It All" Social Media Posting Checklist
11 Of My Easiest-to-Implement Face-to-Face Marketing Checklists
  • Checklist #8: The "Make Them Celebrate YOU" Birthday Party Checklist
  •  Checklist #9: The "Get Out and Strut Your Stuff" Local Speaking Checklist
  •  Checklist #10: The "Reach Kids AND Their Parents" Classroom Checklist
  •  Checklist #11: The "Build Relationships with Community Influencers" College Speaking Checklist
  •  Checklist #12: The "Your Product/Service Front and Center" Local Event Checklist
  •  Checklist #13: The "Be THE Go-To Expert in Your Community" Library Workshop Checklist
  •  Checklist #14: The "Make Extra Money" Local Store Event Checklist
  •  Checklist #15: The "Create-Your-Own Platform" Meetup Checklist
  •  Checklist #16: The "Massive Attention Grabber" Flash Mob Checklist
  •  Checklist #17: The "Your Business Everywhere" Sponsorship Checklist
  •  Checklist #18: The "Mobile Marketing at Its Best" Driving Ads Checklist
7 Of My Make List Building Simple Checklists
  • Checklist #19: The "Make Customers Come Back" Resource Builder Checklist
  •  Checklist #20: The "Capture Their Email" Ethical Bribe Checklist
  •  Checklist #21: The "Stay In Touch Without Taking the Time" Autoresponder Checklist
  •  Checklist #22: The "Make Money While You Sleep" Monetize-Your-Blog Posts Checklist
  •  Checklist #23: The "Build-Your-Tribe" Podcast Creation Checklist
  •  Checklist #24: The "Get Others to Promote You" Colleague Interview Checklist
  •  Checklist #25: The "10X Your Income" Affiliate Program Checklist
14 Of My Time Saving Online Marketing Checklists
  • Checklist #26: The "Build Awareness and Shares" Infographic Checklist
  •  Checklist #27: The "Let's Go Viral" Quotable Meme Checklist
  •  Checklist #28: The "Share Your Expertise" Tips Video Checklist
  •  Checklist #29: The "Share Your Passion" Heart Video Checklist
  •  Checklist #30: The "Grab Their Attention" Announcement Video Checklist
  •  Checklist #31: The "Be the Expert" Demo Video Checklist
  •  Checklist #32: The "Show Yourself Off" Podcast Guest Checklist
  •  Checklist #33: The "Passive Marketing" Amazon Product Review Checklist
  •  Checklist #34: The "Transform Your Content Into Income" Kindle Book Checklist
  •  Checklist #35: The "Make Them Show You Off" Customer Photo Contest Checklist
  •  Checklist #36: The "Create a Viral Following" Caption Contest Checklist
  •  Checklist #37: The "Easy and Fast Content Creation" Curation Checklist
  •  Checklist #38: The "Get Free Stuff" Product Review Checklist
  •  Checklist #39: The "Make It Friendly" Website Checklist
9 of My Best PR & Media Attention-Getting Checklists
  • Checklist #40: The "Best Way to Get Fast Attention" Media Kit Checklist
  •  Checklist #41: The "Reach Thousands" TV Interview Checklist
  •  Checklist #42: The "Be a Local Superhero" Letter Checklist
  •  Checklist #43: The "Build a Local Tribe" Column Checklist
  •  Checklist #44: The "Make the Celebrity Talk About You" Influencer Checklist
  •  Checklist #45: The "Make Them Feel Good" Cause Alignment Checklist
  •  Checklist #46: The "Be the Winner" Business Contest Checklist
  •  Checklist #47: The "Get Massive Local Exposure" Community Commission Checklist
  •  Checklist #48: The "Shout It Around the Globe" Radio Interview Checklist
And... These Final 12 of My Ultra-Favorite Unique Marketing Tactic Checklists
  • Checklist #49: The "Make Them Want More" Sample Checklist
  •  Checklist #50: The "Make Them Remember You" Notes Checklist
  •  Checklist #51: The "Make Them Love You" Cards Checklist
  •  Checklist #52: The "Twice the Influence, Half the Cost" Co-Creation Checklist
  •  Checklist #53: The "They Won't Throw It Away" Business Card Checklist
  •  Checklist #54: The "Keep Them Coming Back" Promotions Checklist
  •  Checklist #55: The "Give Yourself More Time" Content Outsourcing Checklist
  •  Checklist #56: The "Spread Brand Awareness" Flyer Checklist
  •  Checklist #57: The "Scratch Each Others' Back" Promo Checklist
  •  Checklist #58: The "Show Off Your Awesome" Photos Checklist
  •  Checklist #59: The "Make Them Come to You First" Loyalty Checklist
  •  Checklist #60: The "Celebrate Your Weird" Checklist
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Absolutely! This product will entitle you to an exclusive, completely complementary invite to The Casual Entrepreneur Students private Facebook group where your fellow students AND Kristen herself will be available to answer any questions that come up after and while you go through this product.
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