“Take Your Artistic Passion From Wanna-Be-Hobbyist to Full-Time Income!”
Finally Discover the Key Professional Artists Use to Do What They LOVE Full Time!
From the Virtual Desk of Kristen Joy Laidig

RE: Do you wish you could make a living from your art?

Let me start by telling you a story...

"A long time ago in a region not that far away..." (OK that was cheesy... bear with me though, I promise it'll be worth it!) ...I was an art student at a university.

After changing my major four (yep, 4!) times I graduated 4 1/2 years after starting... with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

My final major? GLASSBLOWING. That's right, not something super popular like watercolor painting or photography... not even something I thought at the time I could monetize... much less expand into a full-time income.

Painting and photography are awesome and fairly easy to multiply profits... but GLASS?!? I mean, what was I thinking?!?!?

In my final year of college and thinking I knew everything there was to know about business (boy was I in for a wake-up call...) I started Visions Stained Glass, my first IRS-reportable company.

I had clients. I had income. I had a nice side-hustle going. And I LOVED it!

But what I did NOT have was full-time income. I did not have sustainability. And I definitely didn't know then what I know now about multiplying my profits!

So I turned my sights toward publishing... and as you may know, the rest is history.


See, my husband Tony and I frequent art shows. We LOVE art. We collect art. We buy a sh*t-ton of art. And... we both still actively practice art. (Here's a section of one of my mixed media pieces...)
In Creating My Own Art Again I Discovered Something...
I discovered a NEED that all artists have... to share their work with the world. And what better way to be able to do it than to generate a full-time income with that same art? I mean, every artist needs supplies... and I've also heard they like to eat. ;-)

But really, beyond that, every artist (like YOU) DESERVES to have the income and time to devote toward their art.

I've taken my artist clients through consulting programs that resulted in them working full-time with their art AND broadening their reach from local to regional to even... GLOBAL.

And I want to bring what I taught them to YOU!
It's Time for You To Leave Your Mark...
With this Profit Multiplier Training!
Module 1: Multiply Your Sales Channels

Photo Credit: Gallery showing of artist Cara Bevan

  •  The Gallery Gala: How to communicate with gallery owners and get your art shown.
  •  Spectacular Shows and Festivals: Best practices when planning and executing a showing of your art... no matter what kind of art you produce.
  •  Beyond the Gallery: Go from business-to-consumer to business-to-business and exponentially increase your reach and overall sales.
  •  And Much More...
Module 2: Multiply Your Merch

Photo Credit: Nerdish.co

  • Profitable POD Platforms: Which platforms to use for the best products... and which ones work best for YOUR art style and discipline! (It's not just for digital, drawing or painting!)
  • Traditional Merchandising: Separate yourself from the hobbyists with these merchandising strategies to use your art on supplemental products.
  •  Exponential Expansion: How to take any art form (even sculpture!) and make it what consumers desire most: functional.
  •  And Much, Much More!
Module 3: Multiply Your Market

Photo Credit: Event of artist and author Diane Cunningham Ellis

  • Go Local: The exact steps my clients have used to multiply their income AND impact their local communities through the use of their unique artistic talents and gifts.
  •  Go Regional: How several of my colleagues and myself have taken our artistic talent and knowledge regional and reached hundreds of people at once.
  • Go National: How to get beyond your backyard to reach your entire nation, no matter where in the world you live.
  • Go GLOBAL: The easiest and most cost-effective ways to globally scale your art and reach the world with your talent... all while bringing home the paint-splattered bacon! ;-)
  •  My Personal Top Artist Marketing Tips: Find out how I've personally taken several artist clients from a meager hobbyist income to full-time artist.
  •  And a HECKOFALOT More!
POD Product Design How-To Demos
(2 MORE just added!)
Once again I batted my eyelashes and my awesome hubs Tony agreed to let me give you access to some of his best high-end how-to step-by-step (am I getting the point across here at how good this is?) POD product-creation demos. While I'll be covering one section in this training on creating POD products from your art, he really is the master at demoing this technique... and your super lucky self is about to get access to these demos as a FREE BONUS!
Your Special, Limited-Time Offer...
If an increased income from your art isn't enough for you to jump on board this training, consider this...

One of the things my Art History teacher told me has ALWAYS stuck with me. She said, "If you look at every ancient civilization, the only thing we have remaining of them is art. Sculptures, architecture, frescos, paintings, jewelry, pottery... all we know of them is what we can learn from their art. Cultures survive through their art. That's how important art is!"
Join Me For This Brand NEW Course JUST for Artists Like YOU at a Special Limited-Time Discounted Rate!
(No really, click that button to see just how MUCH I'm discounting this training! One of my artist clients even ask why I wasn't charging more... Click the RED button to Find out what how surprised she was!
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Your Investment in Your Success TODAY Includes:
  • Access to ALL the Trainings for the Sessions Included in the Course
  • BONUS - Slide PDFs for Each Session
  • BONUS - Handout PDFs for Each Session
  • MORE BONUSES - TWO POD Product Creation Demos from Tony Laidig (+ 2 MORE demos just added!)
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