Tap into the Easiest Way to Reach Masses with Your Expertise!
“Do You Wish You Could Make a Living on Simply What You Already Know?”
THIS JUST IN: You CAN Make a Full Time Income with Your Existing Knowledge!
My Fellow Entrepreneur,

If you're like me, you probably know a thing or two. In fact you probably know a lot...

And you may have wondered how you can turn that knowledge into cash in the bank.

Did you know that people are willing to PAY YOU for what you already know? And you might be surprised how many people will buy your knowledge...

This income stream has been our most lucrative, and the only way we've been able to fund our dozen+ other business ventures.

I've been creating AND selling info products since early 2013.
And Since I've Created Just About EVERY Kind of Info Product Imaginable...
...I Want to Show YOU Exactly How to Tap in to this Goldmine That's Inside You!
It's time for you to discover how to transform your knowledge into profits... And supplement your income stream with something you probably already do anyway!

If you're sick and tired of:

> Wishing you really understood how to generate passive income...
> Wondering if what you know is worth anything... and how to get others to pay for it...
> Hoping someone would come offer you money for the info residing in your head...
> Wondering how info marketers actually earn a full-time living...
> Curious how to turn your knowledge into income on-demand...

Or you simply want to know how to get past the "I learned something new" stage into the, "Look what someone BOUGHT!" stage...
Then this Info-Packed, Practical, One-Session Training is for YOU!
NOTE: This is NOT a "how to be an internet marketer" course. It's a "Turn What You Know into CASH!" course.

If you're still struggling with the idea of making money with your knowledge, it's time for you to get access to...
  •  Top Trends vs. Timeless Knowledge: Find out how to know what kind of info product to create, how to follow the trends, and use what you already know rather than chase shiny objects.
  •  Easy Get Started Formula: You don't need fancy software or even a full-blown website to get started! This is the easiest formula to start making money with your own info products... FAST.
  • Essential Tools & Resources: You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars each month to keep your digital info products secure.
  •  Scale It! How to scale your info product business from a few hundred $ per month income to 5 figures per month income.
  •  And much more!
Grab Your Spot TODAY to Get All this AND MORE...
(You know I love to over deliver.)
Your Special, Limited-Time Offer...
Right Now You Can Access this NEW Single-Session Training for a Limited-Time-Super-Awesome Discount!
Please clear your cache and/or use an incognito window. Multiple systems updated (including Chrome, Safari, Windows, Mac OS and our system) and cache is causing issues with PayPal. If that doesn't work, simply email support@thecasualentrepreneurs.com and we can send you an invoice and manually add you to the Challenge. Sorry for the inconvenience - this is beyond our control. :(
Your Investment in Your Success TODAY Includes:
  • Ongoing Access to the Training Video(s)
  • BONUS - Printable PDF(s) of the Slides
  • BONUS - Printable PDF(s) of Handouts for Easy Note Taking
  • BONUS - Audio(s) for Listening When You're "On-the-Go" (We know you're busy!)
Frequently Asked Questions
How will I get access?
After you grab your spot a "Welcome" email will come out to you (in about 20 minutes) detailing your access information for the Members.TheCasualEntrepreneurs site where all the details you need to access the training are waiting for you. It's INSTANT access! 
What if I have problems getting my order through?
Our super star Casual Customer Care Team is on call to assist you with any aspect of your order. Please email support@thecasualentrepreneurs.com to get in touch with our support!
How do the bonuses work?
All the bonuses listed above will be in your Members Area. Details on when each bonus will be released are in your Members Area. (Live-taught bonuses cannot be released until after the live training is completed.)
What about after I go through the sessions... can I still ask questions?
Absolutely! This course will entitle you to an exclusive, completely complementary invite to The Casual Entrepreneur Students private Facebook group where your fellow students AND Kristen herself will be available to answer any questions that come up after and while you go through this training.
Is this course included in The Book Ninja Academy membership?
No. This is a completely different brand of products and trainings designed to help you build your business. It is not exclusively about books, authorship and publishing.
Do you have an Academy membership for The Casual Entrepreneur?
No. Right now all the products under The Business Ninja brand will be available only for Lifetime Access, not Subscription Access.
Refund Policy: Due to the Instant and LIFETIME Access you receive to this high value training and accompanying bonus trainings, there are no refunds on this product.
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