The Book Ninja's
6-Figure Publishing Formula... Revealed!
"The Fluky Meeting That Took Me From Being Broke and Unemployed to a 6-Figure Self-Publishing Powerhouse"
Dear Awesome Author,

I'm going to share some ugly details about my past life with you.

In 2004, one year after entering the world of publishing working for someone else, I found myself not being paid anymore. Nothing. Nada. For 3 whole months.

After three months with no pay, I began struggling to make ends meet. 

My bills were negative $300 (that’s -$300) every month. That's not counting the overdraft fees. The hole just kept getting deeper.
My parents bought my groceries just so I could eat and I used my credit cards to pay my electric bill.
Feeling lost and ashamed, I started looking for another job.

At about the same time, I used what I learned to start my own publishing and graphic design company on the side.

The problem is, searching for a job is a full-time job on its own. So my publishing company (if you could even call it that) was going nowhere fast.

Nothing was working for me.

By the time I filled out my 53rd job application, I’d had enough.

I just didn't care anymore.
 I walked into the interview that day in ratty khaki pants and an old, beat-up black t-shirt.
Unfortunately, I still got the job. It was part-time at a fitness center.

What they didn't know is I was chronically ill. 

This means holding down even a part-time job, especially at a place like a fitness center, was extremely difficult. 

Even worse, my useless college degree was costing me an arm, leg, and my spleen to pay back in student loans. 

My car was constantly breaking down. 

And I was quickly running out of room on the credit cards.

I knew there had to be a better way, so I used the last few dollars on one of my credit cards to hire a budget financial adviser I found online.
Unless you increase your income,
there’s nothing more you can do...
That's what he told me.

We were sitting at my rickity K-Mart kitchen table looking over my budget when he told me, "Kristen, you’re doing everything you can. Unless you increase your income, there’s nothing more you can do.”

A budget "financial manager" in a ratty old suit told me this.

It was like a kick in the teeth.

Talk about losing all hope.

Because of my poor health, I was already worn out working a mere 15 hours per week, then on top of that I was coming home and working long hours trying to get my publishing business off the ground. 

Plus, I was stuck in a mortgage I couldn’t get out of without severe penalties. And yet, I was looking at foreclosure.

This went on for TWO MISERABLE YEARS.
That's when it happened… 
In 2006, the opportunity showed up to move to another state.

It was a chance for a fresh start.

I immediately hunted down every local networking event I could in my new area. 

I bartered graphic design services for entry to conferences and trade show tables, and I was out 3-4 evenings each week attending events, rubbing shoulders, signing new book design clients, and selling books.

It was exhausting. But it finally started to pay off!

Money from those services and my book sales went from a mere trickle to a steady flow. (It wasn't quite a pour yet, that didn't happen until later... and I'll share those secrets with you in just a minute...)

I had all the time I wanted to keep building my business and publish more books.
Then something miraculous happened… a
fluke meeting with ONE desperate author.
I was happily running my own little publishing business, publishing and marketing my own books, and not touching other people’s projects anymore.

But word from all those events spread and I had my first stalker.

John (not his real name) was a desperate author. 

He BEGGED me to teach him my ways. 

“Train me,” he said. “You don’t have to do the book for me, just teach me how to do it myself. I don’t want to make all the mistakes and repeat horror stories I’ve read online.”

This went on for what seemed like forever.

I finally relented and agreed to teach him. 
That ONE fluke meeting changed
my life (and John's) forever.
John's business changed literally overnight. 

YOURS CAN TOO! Because once you have one of these systems up and running you’ve got a GREAT ”problem” on your hands:

 > 1. You can either build out a back-end for it (your own products, high ticket items, coaching programs, seminars, etc.)

 > 2. You can let it run automatically unscathed, putting money in your pocket everyday from book sales.

 > 3. You can simply start another business in a different niche, and make money in as many other ways as you choose.

Now you’re in the ninja zone!

(Important: I have a few requirements for these businesses, I set them up in a very unique way, and you'll learn everything you need to know in the 4-Module Training.)

This building process is what Instant Self-Publishing Ninja is all about. Screw one of these steps up, and your entire system will be out of whack.
  •  Are you overwhelmed with all the publishing options available, and as a result you find yourself struggling to even finish your book?
  •  Do you wish you had a step-by-step formula to get your book out of your head, onto Kindle and in print too, then selling everywhere like gangbusters?
  •  Do you longingly look at books on bookstore shelves and know that someday your book will be there, too?
It’s time to stop just dreaming of your someday and make that day happen starting TODAY!
As you know, things have changed a lot for me since 2006.

I even had my biggest month ever in April of this year. (That's a far cry from a negative $300 bank account when I started in 2004.) 

I’ve run a vanity self-publishing press, a traditional publishing company, a self-publishing services agency, a publishing consulting firm, and started over 50 publishing companies for other people as well as published over 200 books and e-books. 

If I can do it - YOU CAN DO IT!

And in the last few years I’ve trained nearly 10,000 authors like you how to successfully write, publish and market their books.
It worked for me. It worked for "John".
And it will definitely work for you, too!
The BEST part?

You can do everything I'm about to show you from the comfort of your own home - there isn't expensive overhead or the need for employees.

And you have the potential to earn more money than you ever dreamed possible, without any of the fuss or headaches of a typical business. 

There's also no limit to your earning potential. And since the market is so vast and so large almost everyone can do this.There is plenty of room for anyone who is serious to carve out their piece of the $33 Billion per year (and growing) pie.
Why am I willing to pull back the curtain and teach you the untold inner secrets about book writing, creating, publishing and marketing that I have NEVER shared before?
My students have been begging me to create an all-inclusive self-publishing course that covers the gamut from writing and publishing to creating an easy-to-implement marketing plan. 

In fact, like John did so many years ago, my students have been begging me to teach them so often I can no longer refuse!

I'm on a mission to help authors, like you, stop eating Ramen noodles and live the life of your dreams! Publishing is more than my business, IT'S MY LIFE!

I'll give you 3 reasons why I'm opening these doors now...
Reason #1: I’m tired of seeing fly-by-night
“I-published-a-book-so-you-can-to-experts” giving bad advice to authors just to make a buck.
It’s time a REAL publishing ninja steps up and gives you everything you need to know to make your author dreams come true, not break the bank, AND give you the safety and peace of mind that you won’t be doing anything that could destroy your career as a successful author.
Reason #2: I'm fed up with seeing authors desperately taking action on bad advice and getting into trouble with Amazon’s Terms of Service and the law.
It breaks my heart when authors come to me, after taking somebody else's course, asking me how to get "un-banned" from Amazon.

You can't. Once you're banned, it's over. If you get banned you just lost your #1 channel to sell and market your books.

All they ever wanted was to live their dreams.

It's just not fair.
Reason #3: I'm tired of seeing authors
like you give up on their dreams.
It almost happened to me, I almost gave up.

Because I’m sick of all the bullshit, the runaround, and the so-called “instructors” who throw their limited knowledge your way, then you never hear from them again and can’t get access to them for support, questions, and advice when something goes wrong.

You deserve better than what those other people can offer.

THAT is why Instant Self-Publishing Ninja was born.
Here's what you're getting today:
  • Get all your book publishing questions answered… even if you don’t know the questions yet.
  • Get access to the secrets to finish your books, get published, and appear in front of thousands of readers every day.
  • How to decide what topic to write about first... one you're passionate about and that will sell.
  • How to decide on a series, or whether a series is right for you.
  • Get motivated to write your first (or next) e-book.
  • The coolest writing apps to make you take action.
  • How to stay focused, motivated and keep your writing groove.
  • Tips and tricks to eliminate those pesky distractions.
  • How to best use your writing “space.”
  • When to use pictures inside your Kindle book.
  • Sizes, specs and specifics of using images.
  • Where to get the best FREE pictures.
  • How to keep from being sued by artists and photographers.
  • How to write your Author Bio and where to put it.
  • The best list-building trick for e-books.
  • The why, what, when and how of using links inside your Kindle book.
  • Put your thank-you page on steroids, and the ONE PHRASE you should never leave off your thank you page.
  • When to upsell. Why to upsell. How to upsell. (Even with fiction!)
  • How to organize your fiction book.
  • How to organize your non-fiction book.
  • How to go from “good” to “GREAT” with your fiction writing.
  • The secret to really capture your character’s voice.
  • How to keep your readers engaged in an otherwise “boring” non-fiction book.
  • How to not look self-published.
  • How to clean up your document for an editor.
  • How to make each chapter appear as a new “page” on Kindle.
  • How to create a working Table of Contents.
  • How to find the best category for your book’s listing.
  • What price to set for your fiction book.
  • What price to choose for your non-fiction book.
  • When you should use Kindle Select and when you should steer clear.
  • The number one thing that will ultimately make or break your long-term success as an author.
  • How to self-edit your book… professionally.
  • Where to find free editors and how to utilize them.
  • How to find a professional editor and what to expect during the editing process.
  • The nitty gritty of pen names: When to use them, when not to, and what to be aware of should you decide to use them.
  • How to enhance your book with free content readers will love.
  • What’s the big deal with MOBI?
  • MOBI creation software: What to use and what to avoid.
  • Beyond Kindle: iBooks, Nook—what makes sense?
  • The 7 steps to success as an authorpreneur.
  • My exact 3-step book launch formula, from your central hub to partners to best seller!
  • Where to find book launch partners to catapult your reach.
  • The 6 essential elements for an easy-to-use book launch kit.
  • Exactly what to do on launch day.
  • How to be a best-selling author.
  • The best software and methods for fast writing.
  • Where to find existing content and speed up the writing process.
  • The best title for your book and series.
  • The easiest formula to outline your book(s).
  • The nitty gritty on how to form your publishing company.
  • A real business vs. an author.
  • Do you need an ISBN? An ASIN? A barcode?
  • Your first date… and why you really should brush your teeth.
  • How to work with a book cover designer.
  • How exactly to design your own cover… and when you shouldn’t.
  • How to brand your book series.
  • How to do market research and when it’s necessary.
  • List building basics: The Opt-In.
  • What to offer your audience for free to entice them to buy your book.
  • How to find reviewers and get book reviews.
  • The most powerful way to interact with your audience and build a fanatical tribe.
  • And MORE!
Here's What's Covered in these 4 Intense Training Modules:
Module 1: Be a Book WRITING Ninja!
 • Session 1: Idea Generation & Management
- How to decide what to write first, so you avoid overwhelm and actually finish a project.
- Hot niche vs. passion - which one really sells?
- How to handle the influx of new ideas and stay productive.
- How to stay focused and eliminate distractions.
- What not focusing costs you in productivity.
- What should absolutely NOT be in your writing “space” if you want to be successful.
- PLUS, Exactly what to put in your physical space to energize your creativity :-)
 • Session 2: Mind Space & Project Vision
- How to boost your confidence when “life” happens.
- Specific, easy things you can do to clear your mind and enrich your project.
- Create your own Project Vision Binder and visualize your entire project start to finish.
- Define your focus with the perfect book title.
- How to structure your book production timeline and stay productive.
 • Session 3: Draft Your Book!
- What appears where in your manuscript? How are print and Kindle different?
- How to arrange your Table of Contents so it helps you and your reader.
- How to create a clear, concise, easy-to-work-from outline.
- How many pages should you have in your book?
- Exactly what software to use to complete your specific goals.
- How to edit your own book and save money on pros.
- How to avoid major pitfalls when using a pen name.
- Must-know differences between print and e-book formats that will save you from losing your Amazon account.
Module 2: Be a Book CREATION Ninja!
 • Session 1: The Book Creation Plan
- Common book sizes and when to break the norm for impact.
- How to properly use graphics and photos in your print and Kindle books without breaking the law.
- How to find help with the book creation process and not get ripped off by a freelancer.
- When to call in a ghostwriter and when to go-it-alone.
- What you need to know about Kindle format so you avoid negative reviews.
- How to make your manuscript easy to lay out into print format.
 • Session 2: The Book Creation Process
- Step-by-step how to lay out your book’s interior for print.
- How to make your print book cover attractive and professional.
- How to avoid the “Eeeewww, this is self-published!” slap on your Kindle cover.
- Watch Kristen Joy take an existing crappy book cover and transform it to look professional (DEMO).
Module 3: Be a Book PUBLISHING Ninja!
(NOTE: These sessions contain different information than what’s covered in my Book Publishing Ninja and Advanced Publishing Ninja courses!)
 • Session 1: Publishing Models
- How to choose which publishing model is right for your book.
- When to start your own publishing company and keep all your rights.
- How to choose a reputable self-publishing services company.
- “Should I use CreateSpace to publish my book?” ANSWERED!
- Why being an authorpreneur instead of just an “author” is necessary for success.
- The difference between Sole Proprietor, LLC, etc.
- An introduction to how to take your publishing to the next level and publish other people.
 • Session 2: Avoid Legal Pitfalls
- How to use copyrighted material in your book without legal issues.
- How to know if what you want to use IS copyrighted or not.
- How to protect your own manuscript from plagiarism.
- What to do if you find out your work has been plagiarized.
- How to register Library CIP data for your book and get your book into libraries.
- The real role of having an ISBN for your book (+ how having an ISBN can actually help you sell more books)
 • Session 3: Pricing and Printers
- How to strategically price your print book for maximum sales.
- What price to set for your Kindle book for the best reach.
- Exactly how much your book will cost you to print, so you can plan ahead.
- How to tell how many “pages” are in your book (and if blank pages count).
- The cost differences between black and white vs. color printing and when to choose color.
- Which printer to use for your book and your sales goals.
- When to use print on demand vs. another printing option.
Module 4: Be a Book MARKETING Ninja!
(NOTE: These sessions will contain different information than any of my other marketing courses!)
 • Session 1: Your Marketing Strategy
- What goals to set to make marketing your book fun and easy.
- Online vs. offline marketing and when to use which one to reach your audience.
- How to get your book into both independent and mainstream book stores.
- When to sell your books on consignment… and when to run far, far away.
- How to repurpose your book into marketing material.
- How to select the perfect categories to easily hit Amazon’s Best Sellers list.
- Where to find people to review your book and how to get them to say, “Yes!”
- My top personal resources to market your book.
 • Session 2: Your Simple Marketing Plan in a Box
- How to create a simple marketing plan and avoid marketing overwhelm.
- Look over my shoulder as I create a simple, strategic marketing plan for a live attendee.
- How much time you should spend marketing vs. creating more books.
- How to manage your time so you don’t become a “starving author.”
In the "EVERYTHING Book Publishing Bundle" You Also Get...
2 MORE HUGE Publishing Business Courses!
#1. The Book Publishing Ninja Training Course
(Publish your book like a REAL publisher and compete with the big dogs!)
 • Session 1: Branding
- What IS branding? Why is it important? How does it apply to your book?
- How to decide on a brand.
- What colors to use, when to use them, and where.
- How to EASILY create a custom logo using FREE tools and look like a "real" publisher to book buyers.
- Clear the fog around DBAs, Imprints and other confusing business terms... what do you REALLY need?
- What to do about a website for you as an author, your book and/or your company. Do you even need one?
- How to make your book - and business - stand out from the crowd. Be noticed!
 • Session 2: Registrations
- ISBNs - What they are, what to get, where to get them, why to get your own, and more!
- Sales Tax Permits - Do you really need one?
- Business Licenses - Do you need to LLC? Sole Proprietor? What’s the difference? Why should you care?
- Printers - Which printer is best from the eyes of a “publisher?” Why? How do you get an account?
- Library of Congress - How can you get a Library of Congress CIP number? Is it necessary? (USA only)
- Copyright - What are the various forms of copyright? Is my work copyrighted if I print with CreateSpace or IngramSpark? How do I file copyright? (USA only for filing portion)
 • Session 3: Build Your Team
- Why you need a team… what will they do for you?
- How to find good quality team members.
- The warning signs you’re about to get ripped off (yes, it’s happened to me, too)… and how to stop it before it gets out of control.
- Contracts - When do you need them, what should they say?
- How to track projects and manage your team.
- My personal ninja team management “weapon.”
 • Session 4: Formats & Distribution
- Multiple book formats and which books require what formats.
- How to be strategic with different book formats to increase your book sales.
- How to make it crazy easy for bookstores and retailers to find and buy your book.
- An advanced ninja strategy for more bookstore sales. (USA only)
- How to get into Libraries.
- How to pre-sell your book on your own website… and when not to.
 • Session 5: Self vs. Publisher
- An introduction to how to publish other people’s books.
- Customer contracts, packages and how to set it all up.
- How exactly I built my multi-six-figure business in publishing (during a recession when publishing was a “luxury” item!).
- The different publishing company models, including my signature “ghost publishing” option.
- How to determine which publishing model is right for you.
#2. The Advanced Publishing Ninja Training Course
(My personal multi six-figure publishing empire formula!)
 • Session 1: Niches & Models
- Dozens of specific niches where you can publish.
- How to determine your niche... based off your passion.
- When to expand beyond your first niche.
- The pros and cons of various publishing models with YOU as the publisher... and how to know which one is right for you.
- My secret publishing strategy that made me 6 figures per year.
- How to get authors to refer more authors to publish with you.
- Words to avoid when marketing your publishing services.
 • Session 2: Copyright, Permissions & More!
- How to ease your clients' minds on copyright.
- Step-by-step how to handle copyright infringement (as the infringer and as the infringed).
- Step-by-step demo how to file for U.S. Copyright registration.
- How to use "work for hire" to benefit your bottom line.
- Everything about Non-disclosure Agreements.
- When (and why) to have a non-compete with your clients.
 • Session 3: Clients & Teams
- Step-by-step how to get a high-ticket author client.
- How to easily manage the book production process.
- Step-by-step instructions from contracts to publishing terms to teams and deadlines.
- What types of payment to accept, how to create payment plans and how to make sure you always get paid for your work.
- How to sell large publishing packages over and over again... and everything that's included in a package.
- When to "fight" a client and when to "fire" them.
- How to hire quality team members and how to handle team member issues.
- The secret to increasing your profits as a publisher.
Finally, the playing field is
truly leveled for the little guy. 
NO more guesswork, NO more shooting in the dark, and certainly NO more enduring years of trial and error!

All the mechanics of starting and launching your own successful book is packaged into one ultimate course. 

What takes the average person to become a successful marketing expert in years... you can now shortcut your way to success in under just a few days!

So you can:
  • Quit your full-time job and exit the drudgery of a senseless rat race,
  • Finally be able to pay your own bills on time,
  • Build your very own highly successful book business empire on a literally low-cost for high profit,
  • Buy some of the finest things in life money can afford - a new house, a new car, you get the drift...
  • Enjoy operating a string of semi-automated or fully-automated money making machines that produce passive income (it's your choice),
  • Take vacations as and when you want to (like the one we just took to London),
  • Have more freedom of time to pursue your passion, hobbies, charity, and other areas of life...
Honest testimonials from students...
"Of course, #CautiousMoi had to think about this course overnight... but then I had a brainstorm. Partying with Kristen Joy for 4 days is a #NoBrainer and I joined in. Plus, overcoming my procrastination, perfectionism, fear of failure, I think I have finally decided on #TheBook out of all my brainstorms. I know if I can get over the first book hurdle, it will be smooth sailing!" ~H. Yoder

"This may sound corny, but The Book Ninja has changed my life! The courses have given me the courage to be an author, which I never had the courage to be before. Thanks for your time, help and encouragement." ~B. Horn

"Kristen's course got me moving forward. I learned concrete steps to publishing my book and then did so. It gave me a way to keep jumping back into my publishing plan until my book was ready, and it's out now and helping people all over the world! Thank you for getting me motivated and giving me a plan!" ~A. L'Amour

"I can't thank Kristen Joy enough for being such a great trainer and mentor (and Ninja!). I've published 58 books since I took one of her courses while battling cancer last year. I'm expanding into fiction and most are under my pen name. It has helped keep me sane! Thank you Kristen for offering ongoing opportunities for training!" ~L. De La Cruz

"Kristen gives me continued 'get-off-your-seat-and-do-this-thing' inspiration." ~J. Kilgore

"I got derailed by a negative editor several years ago. Kristen has reignited my passion by teaching me that I can be published and profitable. I realize now that this is what I was created to do." ~C. Suarez
This Training Bundle Is Designed For YOU.
When you invest in this mega bundle you'll discover the 4 jam-packed modules, over 15 hours' worth of intense training, in Instant Self-Publishing Ninja, and both business publishing courses (Book Publishing Ninja & Advanced Publishing Ninja) plus you’ll also get the opportunity to join one of my most coveted online communities and hang out with me and other publishing super-ninjas. 

In this exclusive accountability and inspiration community you’ll get advice, feedback, and support from your fellow classmates as well as myself. 

With this training bundle, exclusive online community and my 20+ years of expertise on your side, you've stacked the deck for your own publishing success!
"It's nice to have a group of people who all share a common goal and interest and who inspire, encourage, motivate and help each other achieve that goal. The reward of seeing each others' accomplishments is an inspiration in itself and none of us would be here if it wasn't for Kristen, who is our biggest help and inspiration. Thank you, Kristen!" ~ D. Pickering
Look, I know what it takes to be a successful author and publisher.

It’s time for you to get the most complete publishing training you’ll ever see from The Book Ninja Dojo.

But you must hurry, because...
Time is Running Out - Even As You Read This!
Sure I could very well start a coaching program or workshop based on these materials you are seeing right now, and charge $2,997 per head. Really. A lot of marketing gurus are doing that today, some charging even in the $5,000 - $10,000 per head for their marketing secrets!

Fortunately, it won't cost you anywhere near that amount.

BUT, HERE'S THE CATCH (and it's a BIG one):

I can only open these doors right now to so many people. So anytime I feel there are ENOUGH PEOPLE in these "Publishing Ninja" courses, I will STOP accepting new students... 

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Make sure YOU are one of the lucky people. 

You MUST GET IN NOW, before this opportunity is gone forever!
Isn't it time for YOU to call the shots?
To carry on life as usual means your job will always stink. You can't avoid seeing the faces you despise every morning you wake up and go to work. And at the end of it all, you will always wonder if things could have gotten better.

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The Everything Book Publishing Bundle!
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The Everything Book Publishing Bundle -- 3-Pay Option
More Kind Words From Clients...
"Two big things. One is the support the group gives to each other. No negatives, just good ol' fashioned critics that are very helpful. Second, Kristen, you deliver what others won't at a great price and 1,000x better. I thank the stars that you are into publishing!!!! NO one tops YOU!" ~L. Bridges

"So grateful to have found Kristen. Her publishing courses are just phenomenal and backed with so much value. The extras like the forums with support from a great community make this a wonderful investment in my book publishing business!" ~C. Melhuish
Answers to Frequent Questions...
How long will I have access to this MEGA Bundle / courses?
All The Book Ninja courses come with "lifetime access." This means as long as Kristen is in the publishing business, you'll have access. If something should ever happen to the business, Kristen's staff will make sure you have ongoing access to everything you purchased.
I signed up, but haven't gotten my logins or access email yet. What do I do?
Please allow our system at least 15 minutes to send you the login welcome email. Also check your SPAM, Promotions or Updates tab (Gmail only) and any blockers you may have on your email servers. If you use Yahoo, Hotmail or MSN, you may not receive our emails, so please write to and include your phone number and/or Skype ID so our super-ninja Support Team can get in touch with you and get you access to the trainings.
How is this course different from other self-publishing courses?
Most self-publishing courses we've seen barely scratch the surface of what's necessary to be a successful authorpreneur. We're not in the business of training authors, we're in the business of raising authorpreneurs who want to actually be profitable in publishing. Therefore Kristen is deep-diving into the vast world of publishing, using all her dozen+ years' of professional industry experience and packing as much as possible into all these courses.
In your letter above you said you knew publishing secrets, but you weren't doing well financially. Could you explain why?
Because there's a big difference between knowledge and taking action. At that time I was a college grad with a fledgling business. I had plenty of knowledge and unlike many newbies I didn't want to give away that knowledge for free or very little because that's the biggest mistake newbies can make (& I knew that). So my struggle was in connecting the dots between the knowledge I had and the cash I needed. And I'll add that I made a ton of mistakes that I could have bypassed if I had someone to coach me or a course like Instant Self-Publishing Ninja. But much of what I'm teaching in that course was brand new back then (or didn't exist yet), so finding a coach was nearly impossible. That's a huge reason why I do what I do today. 

Remember, that time in my life was 12 years ago. I was a different person then. And the fact is I actually did turn my rising credit card debt into a multi six-figure publishing empire. Any "guru" who tells you that happens in the first year is full of shit & probably broke themselves. ;-)
I want to publish kids' books. Is this course for me?
This course will cover the methods of writing, publishing and marketing, including what you need to consider for kids' books. In fact, the marketing sessions are broken down by genre, so no matter what genre you want to publish, you'll know exactly what to do for that type of book.
I want to publish fiction. Is this course for me?
This course will cover the methods of writing, publishing and marketing, including what you need to consider for fiction books. In fact, the marketing sessions are broken down by genre, so no matter what genre you want to publish, you'll know exactly what to do for that type of book.
I want to publish journals or coloring books. Is this course for me?
This course will cover the methods of writing, publishing and marketing, including what you need to consider for journals and coloring books. In fact, the marketing sessions are broken down by genre, so no matter what genre you want to publish, you'll know exactly what to do for that type of book.
I want to publish non-fiction. Is this course for me?
This course will cover the methods of writing, publishing and marketing, including what you need to consider for non-fiction books. In fact, the marketing sessions are broken down by genre, so no matter what genre you want to publish, you'll know exactly what to do for that type of book.
I want to publish BOOKS. Is this course for me?
YES! This course will cover the methods of writing, publishing and marketing, including what you need to consider for ALL books. In fact, the marketing sessions are broken down by genre, so no matter what genre you want to publish, you'll know exactly what to do for ANY type of book.
What if I have a question not answered here?
If you have additional questions, email and include your phone number and/or Skype ID so my team of trained Support Ninjas can help you as quickly as possible, usually within 1 business day.
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