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“Discover the Entire Process from Set Up, Design, Printables Product Creation, and Marketing for Etsy... in REALTIME!”
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re: The Exact Process You've Always Wished You Could Access...

How would you like to literally look over my shoulder as I create a BRAND NEW Etsy Shop... from scratch... In realtime?

I'm talking about everything from selecting the type of shop to branding to creating the products to marketing for SALES... all AS I create it!

This is more than a "training." It's a "watch my ENTIRE process from start to finish as I create my OWN Etsy Shop... my OWN Products... AND Market them!)

Why did I choose Etsy?

Because Etsy is HOT. Beyond hot (look at the stats below to see just HOW hot!) and if you're a Maker or digital artist (or want to be) and aren't on Etsy yet, you NEED to be... In fact, I need to be too, which is why I'm putting together this first-ever "follow along and sit beside me" program!
Just check out these stats...
And... These Etsy Statistics You Cannot Ignore!
Almost $4 BILLION in sales in 2018.
(And even MORE projected in 2019!)
81% of all sales are REPEAT PURCHASERS.
(This means they WILL buy more from you!)
95% of Etsy sellers run their shops from HOME.
(No fancy offices or expensive overhead necessary!)
92% of Etsy customers feel Etsy offers products they can't find elsewhere.
(They're already looking for YOUR unique products!)
Using Etsy Is Simply a SMART Move... Period!
And yet many people (myself included) feel Etsy is too much work. It's too complicated to set up. Laws are confusing. Fees are too high. Blah blah blah blah blah... Let's just say what these actually are: EXCUSES for NOT taking Action! (And I'm preaching to the choir on this one... I myself have avoided Etsy even though I've felt a strong pull toward it for over a year!)

What changed my mind???

The stats. They're unavoidable. It's flat out STUPID to ignore them.

The FUN - let's face it, creativity is awesome and if I can make money with my creative talents, why not?

The time. It's not as time consuming or "expensive" as I thought. And I have full control over how much time it should take!

The PASSIVE INCOME potential. Once a shop is set up it's fairly easy to drive traffic... since MOST of the traffic is there already! As people start to find my products, I'll be able to make sales around the clock. And the more I add, the more sales I'll make... in my sleep!

Now, how would YOU like to sit beside me as I build out my Etsy store... from research to marketing... during the month of October? (And you get to refer to it ANY time you want... with easy-to-access realtime videos broken down step-by-step!)
Introducing...“Watch the Process: ETSY”
In this BRAND-NEW Behind-the-Curtain Workshop, you will literally sit right next to me (OK, virtually, but you get the idea) and watch me through the ENTIRE process.... From start to marketing! Even if you already have an Etsy shop started, this unique behind-the-curtain style hands-on step-by-step workshop will give you new insights, ideas, encouragement, and MORE... Guaranteed!

This will NOT be ALL formal training (though there will be a little of that). This will be "sit beside me, watch how I do it - mistakes and all - and learn with me... Then IMPLEMENT your own at the same time!" 

If you're getting burned out on formal training and want to actually IMPLEMENT something... THIS is it! And I think you're going to LOVE it!

Here's just SOME of what will be included:
  • Introductory Steps: In this more "formal-style training" I'll share with you why I chose Etsy, what exactly I'll be doing when, and what to expect for the next 4 weeks.
  • Branding, Market Research, Selecting the Products, And More:​ In this video (also more "formal training") I'll be sharing my process for branding my shop, why and how I selected that brand, how I chose WHAT to sell, variations on creating and selling PRINTABLES vs. "stuff you have to mail," and MORE.
  • Peel-Back-the-Curtain in Realtime:​ The rest of the program will literally be me turning on my camera and you watching as I DO everything. From creating the branding and setting up the store to creating the products (in my case digital printables to start) to marketing... This is NOT a "here's what to do" style of training. It's rather a "here's what I am DOING"... bumps and all! Watch me troubleshoot as stuff doesn't go the way I want it to (we know that's going to happen!), possibly scrap entire design ideas and start over... I honestly don't know exactly what's going to happen... I'm just hitting "record" and letting you WATCH the PROCESS!
  • Potential for Live Brainstorming: Tony and I are ALWAYS brainstorming and talking through ideas. I'll be capturing these as they pertain to my Etsy project so you get to "sit in" on our "Top Secret" conversations!
  • Checklist Creation: You know I'm a HUGE fan of checklists. And I don't have one for the Etsy process yet, so as I do this I'll be creating a checklist... that YOU get to download for FREE once it's completed!
This honestly could be a CHALLENGE. I'm definitely challenging myself to do it all in 4 weeks... And YOU get to be the "fly on the wall" so to speak. (Let's face it, you're much more awesome than a fly.) :)

This entire program will be realtime shot... That means and as SOON as I finish a step it will be uploaded to the Members Area. You'll get an email every time a new video (or video set if I have a super productive day) is added so you can check it out right away!

I'll even include links to my shop once it's LIVE so you can follow along.
Your Investment TODAY...
This workshop easily shares enough value and insights to justify a $297 price point... I mean I do NOT normally let people watch my entire business-building process! BUT... I also recognize the value this will bring to you... and your potentially tight budget. 

This is an amazing opportunity that you have likely not considered and NOW is the time to take action to ride the Etsy Profits wave. The demand for the more products on Etsy has been increasing exponentially for the past several years... and it's ONLY going to KEEP increasing! What I love most is how it doesn't matter what niche you're in... The PROCESS will apply to most niches that sell on Etsy! 

For those reasons and others, I am positioning this "Behind-the-Scenes" workshop so that YOU can make an EASY buying decision, which is why I have decided to decrease the Introductory Pricing to...
Just $197 $97!
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